Engagement Marketing

Campaigns and Strategies that Drive Showroom Traffic


Many independent auto dealers have limited marketing budgets and spending hundreds or thousands on Facebook or Google doesn’t bring in any consistent results.

Our team has developed engagement marketing programs that really make a dealer standout in the market. These plans provide a step by step guide and help connect dealers to local groups and specific audiences to drive more traffic to the dealership.

We also help with point-of-sale materials or advertising specialty items to extend promotions and dealer branding. Reputation is also important and we have a program that can highlight dealerships great customer service experience.


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Below are just a few of our promotions that can help dealers connect with new customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers.  Programs will vary based on the dealer’s market and budget.  
Quite simply, we validate good dealers who care about their customers, their employees, and their communities.

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Connect with Moms

Moms are an important target audience for customers and prospects, but often traditional dealer ads to not resonate with them. We offer programs that help auto dealers connect and build relationships with this group.

Reach out to Boomers & Seniors

Our population is aging but Baby Boomers and Seniors enjoy late model, safe transportation.  They can’t be reached via digital marketing so you need “alternative channels” to get them engaged.  We offer a number of solutions in this area.

A new Car and A Great Dinner Too

Your customer has their new vehicle so wouldn’t it be great to treat them to a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant that supports the dealership and their employees?

Pet Lovers

Over 42 million households own one or more dogs and they love taking their dogs for rides.  Is your dealership pet friendly?  We offer a number of marketing programs that connect with dog owners and help create more sales to these pet lovers.

Are You Enlisting Veteran Customers

Veterans and active military are great customers and very often the OEMs have discount programs for them too. We help local dealers engage this vibrant and loyal base to sell more cars and trucks.

Everyone Wants a Piece of the Pie

Is there anybody that doesn’t like a pie right from the oven? Is there any better smell than pies baking? We offer a home style promotion that works with local bakeries or charity organizations to provide a special treat for dealership customers and employees.

Custom Dealership Magazine

Nothing is more special than having a custom dealership magazine that comes out 3 or 4 times a year for customers, prospects, employees and affiliated organizations. Our team works with dealers to gather, curate, and produce a professional publication.

Branding in Your Customer's Home

We offer a simple program that makes it easy to engage customer’s families and have them promote the dealership everyday throughout the year by posting content on the kitchen refrigerator.  (not a magnet)

Engage Via Social Channels

Social media channels, while not a prime driver of traffic, presents an opportunity to engage and share information with customers and show your dealership can be a good “online” neighbor.

Improve Employee Morale

Maintaining good employee morale is important for building a cohesive team that provides a great customer experience. We offer programs to engage and build loyalty with employees.

Create a Dynamic Dealership Blog

Consumers like user friendly articles, photos and posts that entertain and educate them about your business and the vehicles you sell and service. A blog helps to connect and engage your customers and employees.


Educate and Engage

We provide an entertaining and educational program that brings current and future car shoppers into your showroom to meet your team, see your products and learn your team is one they can trust when buying a vehicle.