Website Issues and Troubleshooting

Problems on Your Website?

Inevitably problems will arise on your website. When they do please contact us with specific details.  Just telling us the site is broken is not enough information to resolve the issue. 

Here is what we need in order to properly identify the issue.

1. What browser(s) are you using where the problem exists?   Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Brave, etc.

2. On what device(s) are you experiencing the issue?  Desktop? Laptop? Mobile device? (specify Android or iPhone).

3. Have you gotten an error message?  Send us the exact error message you are getting.

4. If the problem is only on one page or a few pages, or the entire site, let us know the exact URL (page address) where you are seeing the issue.

5. Describe in detail what you are seeing (or not seeing) and if possible send along a screenshot to clarify the issue.

6. Some issues are caused by previous page versions “stuck” in your browser cache or history.  Be sure to clear your cache and history to see if that caused your issue before contacting us. 

NOTE:  If you are not on our Maintenance and Support program, be sure that you have updated all WordPress versions and software plugins.  You should also make sure you have backups of your site in case it gets hacked or crashes.  These backups should be periodically downloaded to your computer.