Press Release Benefits

dealerguy1There are many benefits to utilizing press releases for companies and organizations.

  • Your company or organization gets a simple way to raise your visibility online and in local media channels
  • Cost effective marketing opportunity
  • No long term contracts – Pay as you go pricing
  • Discount packages are available
  • We provide trackable results via post distribution reports
  • Selected programs boost traffic to your website via use of key search words and embedded hyperlinks
  • Increase status and ranking on search engines
  • Provides additional quality content for your website
  • We leverage channel partners with both online and traditional publications, including newspapers, magazines, business journals, and television stations.
  • Distribution also reaches search engines, social networks, various online communities and news sites along with some RSS feeds.

You pay no annual subscription fees to news wire services, as we use our own accounts for client distribution.

Client Comments for Press Release Services

Mark, your marketing skills are simply AMAZING. The Dubis Group has created a formula that achieves results with Google and the other major SE's in a matter of, ummmm, HOURS... for an upcoming single 3-day seminar event! This is PERFECT for...

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Press Release FAQ

I have read articles that say you can post press releases for free or under $60 on the Internet. Are these any good? There are a number of "free" or inexpensive press release sites and they will post most anything on their sites. What they do not tell you is that your...

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Press Release Billing Process

Press Release Billing Process

The Internet is an instantaneous medium. Our distribution network partners require payment in advance for utilizing their cross-platform media channels. When it comes to Press Releases, we operate in similar fashion. When a client approves the final press release and...

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