Press Release FAQ

I have read articles that say you can post press releases for free or under $60 on the Internet. Are these any good?

There are a number of “free” or inexpensive press release sites and they will post most anything on their sites. What they do not tell you is that your release will probably sit on only a few sites, will not be picked up by any major publications or sites and often have very little impact to help you gain real visibility on the web.

Did you ever hear the saying, “If you are looking for bargains, buy shoes?” In the marketing world that pretty much holds true. Things you get for free usually have little or no value. On the Internet there are some great things for free (wikipedia) but most other freebies aren’t worth much.

While we occasionally have some clients where we use these sites, most of the time there are better, cost effective options available. If you are putting any real effort into online media consider using resources which really help you in that area.

I have someone at my dealerships who wrote a press release. Will your company distribute it for us?

We handle these on a case by case basis. Normally we only distribute press releases that we write. We are not saying that your release isn’t of professional quality but often we have found numerous issues with these types of releases. When we provide the assistance to distribute a release and find it did not get the visibility it should have due to the way it was written clients become upset with us.

If the release is of professional quality, we will accomodate clients in distribution of these press releases. Contact us for pricing.

What do your fees include?

The overwhelming majority of our fee goes into our efforts to write, edit and fine tune the release so that is maximizes your online visibility, pushes keywords to get you noticed for those items, and offers link opportunities back to your website or to landing pages you create for special events. With more than half a century of automotive experience our team knows this business inside out, so we are able to convey your message, just as you envisioned it. That is where the real value of Dealer Press Release benefits your organization. The other part of our fee covers the charges from the media distribution network that you select.

Do I need to sign a contract and commit to a number of press releases?

No. We will be glad to help you on an “as needed” basis. Clients who like the results we obtain for them, often ask for a longer term program. This would incorporate sending releases out on a regular basis and be customized to meet a client’s needs and budget.

How long does the process take once we give approval to having Dealer Press Release do our new release?

Most of the time the entire process of writing, proofing and editing the release and then scheduling the distribution is done within five to seven business days. We are also able to accommodate “rush jobs” for a modest “expedite” charge. Our work flow is processed on a first in – first out basis.

Do you offer any exclusivity for dealers in their markets?

For clients who have not engaged our company for the full spectrum of public relations and/or marketing services we do not offer exclusive arrangements. That being said, we do not over saturate a market and mitigate the work we provide clients in those markets. Feel free to ask us about our full range of services.