Client Comments for Press Release Services

Mark, your marketing skills are simply AMAZING.

The Dubis Group has created a formula that achieves results with Google and the other major SE’s in a matter of, ummmm, HOURS… for an upcoming single 3-day seminar event!

This is PERFECT for many of my other clients who host special events on a regular basis, and I’m going to spread the word out of selfishness, (I want to make myself look good). I’ve been involved in Web Design/Development and Internet Marketing since the 90’s… and I have a few Nationally recognized clients. I’ve NEVER benefited from a single event marketing strategy like yours.

NOTHING else even comes close!

Thanks for making me look good!!

J.C. Hurst
Internet Marketing Director
The Ziegler Corporations



The Dubis Group (Dealer Press Release) has been outstanding in marketing our services to the industry. Because of the breadth of knowledge of The Dubis Group they are able to relate directly with our clients’ marketing departments creating press releases and other marketing pieces with minimal input from my team. This allows us to focus on our core business. I have recommended The Dubis Group to many companies and will continue to promote their work.

Tim Janssen
Innovative Funding Services


“Mark Dubis’ knowledge of the auto retail space and great writing skills are invaluable to any company looking to improve their visibility in the auto industry. We have been using his services for the last two years and are very pleased with the quality of work he provides for TK Carsites.”

Richard J. Valenta
Chief Executive Officer
TK Carsites



“Mark has done an amazing job with the press releases we have done with him. We try to do them at least once a month and all we have to do is give him the information of what we want and he takes care of the rest. From writing to publication the whole process is extremely easy! The search results for Google are fantastic as well. If you are looking for exposure for your dealership with press releases then Mark Dubis is the man for you.”

Chris Carlson
Sales & Marketing Manager
Scott Robinson Honda