Basic Content for Business Websites

Basic Content to prepare for a business website    (View, download or print a PDF of this file)


A business website has a number of goals

  1. Promote the company, its products and services
  2. Validate the company and show that its people are legitimate and bona fide owners, employees of the company
  3. Provide information that helps visitors/consumers decide to use your services or purchase your products.

Content & sections which are normally included are:

About Us Page:

Some information about the person(s) or company. Their time in business, where they operate and possibly information about their business focus, philosophy, etc.    Photos of the owners are always a good way to personalize the site and make visitors and potential clients feel more at ease.

Products or Services:

What services or products are offered?  Prepare a complete list of every possible service or product that you offer.
For example a contractor might list all of these services:

  • Windows, Siding, Roofing, Gutters, Concrete, Tuck Pointing, Decks, Porches
  • Garage Building,  Additions

Client or Project Work

Showcase photos or list some clients that were satisfied with work provided.  Pictures and videos work best in this area.  Videos can be uploaded to YouTube and can be easily embedded within the website for viewing. The internet is a visual medium so this makes a better impact.  Consider including before and after photos of projects as they work real well too.

Logos, Service or Trademarks of the company

Provide any current logo artwork preferably in .jpg, .gif, or .png formats.  If there is no artwork or if it is not reproduction quality our graphics team can create or clean up artwork so it meets the quality requirements of the website.  Additional time and/or fees may be applicable.  If no logo, our team would use an appropriate type font for the company name.   Is there a company color scheme?  And if so is it appropriate for the website color scheme?

Testimonials or Customer Comments

If the client has written notes from customers praising their work (could be email or hard copy letters) these should be included to validate the quality of work provided.  Again these testimonials could be photos or videos too and be embedded on the site.

Contact Information

A contact form is on the site but often times it is also best to include a phone number, physical address (to validate you are a real company) We can include multiple phones numbers.   We need an email address for forwarding the info from the contact form.

Additional Information

Any other information or promotional material you want to feature should be included.  If there are no photos, stock photos can be inserted for a nominal additional fee.  We do NOT suggest grabbing photos from other websites to use on client sites as it violates copyright laws and could incur legal action.

Frequently Asked Questions Page

Prospects and customers always ask the same questions about a service or products, so anticipate them and answer them on your FAQ page. What is it?   How long with the project take?  Is there a deposit?  What work do you specialize in?  Do I sign a contract?  Are you licensed and insured?  Who pulls the permits (if applicable)?  What are your business hours?  Do you accept credit cards?  Do you have any references?

Other questions would be determined by the type of business and should be posted on the website.

Team Members Page

Some companies want to list their executives, owners and/or all their employees and their photos.   Prepare a list and check spelling of all names.  Photos should be head and shoulder shots and be taken by a good quality camera with adequate lighting.   Images can be cropped to fit.  If there is a specific order the photos should appear on the page, include that information too.